Victorinox Golf Tool

10 Features
Red Translucent, Blue Translucent, Black
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Swiss Army Knife - Length: 91 mm; Nylon-Handles;
10 Features

1. repair-tool (pitch fork), for one hand use,
2. ball-marker, for one hand use,
3. tee puncher
4. groove cleaner
5. caplifter
6. nailfile
7. blade
8. tweezers
9. toothpick
10. scissors

The versatile, high quality golf tool lies pleasantly in your hand and weighs only 65 grams, despite its ten tools. The tee punch for one-hand operation is manufactured from thin, hardened steel. It penetrates very easily into the soil without pushing down roots. The tools, which swivel out to the sides, disappear with a slight pressure on the inside of the tool, so that the tee punch is more comfortable to operate. The ball marker can also be pushed out and be directly set into the green with one hand. If the ground is hard or frozen, the hole punch can be used to drill out a hole for setting the wooden tees.
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