Victorinox Swiss Card Lite

13 Features
Red Translucent, Blue Translucent, Black Translucent
As low as €36.50
Inkl. 20% MwSt., zzgl. Versand
82 x 54 x 4 mm.
13 Features

1. Letteropener (blade)
2. Pin
3. Scissors
4. Balpoint Pen
5. Tweezers
6. Magnifying Glass
7. Screwdriver 3mm
8. Screwdriver 5mm
9. Phillips Screwdriver 00-0
10. Phillips Screwdriver 1-2
11. LED
12. Ruler cm
13. Ruler inches

Although the SwissCard can be fitted into a credit-card compartment, it nevertheless combines 13 useful functions. There is even a fully functional pair of scissors in this revolutionary pocket tool, which won the highest award for product design with the ?red dot award?.

The SwissCard combines a total of 13 functions ? including a bright LED light ? in the format of a conventional credit card. Various Phillips screwdrivers even make it possible to carry out simple repairs to PCs and other electronic equipment. No wonder the revolutionary pocket tool was given the top prize for product design at the 'red dot award.
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