Victorinox Spartan Linz Trinity Column

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Swiss Army Knife - Length: 91 mm; Thickness 14 mm; 2 Layers; Cellidor-Handles;
12 Features

1. Large blade
2. Small blade
3. Corkscrew
4. Can opener with
5.- Small screwdriver
6. Cap lifter with
7.- Screwdriver
8.- Wire stripper
9. Reamer, Punch
10. Key ring
11. Tweezers
12. Toothpick

The impressive Trinity Column is 20 meters high and made of white marble. A typical symbol of the age of the baroque, it was erected in gratitude by those who had survived a variety of disasters and as protection against war, fire and the plague. The column is located in the center of the main square (Hauptplatz), which, with an area of roughly 13,200 square meter, has been one of the largest urban squares in Europe since the 13th century. It was thanks to the main square in its function as a market place that the city soon experienced an economic boom.
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