Fällkniven - Tre Kronor #3 Lock Back Knife Cocobolo

Handle of Cocobolowood.
Inkl. 20% MwSt., zzgl. Versand
Every folding knife is manufactured by hand.
Blade of 3G Steel (HRC 62).
3G Steel = 3G, is a revolutionary laminated anticorrosive steel, with a core comprising the well-proven powder steel Super Gold Powder Steel (SGPS) and sides of VG2. Handle of Cocobolowood. Back lock. With Cordura-Case.
Blade 7 cm / 2,75 in. ; Closed 9,7 cm / 3,8 in.

More Information
EAN 7340101500621
Blade Length ≈ 2,8 in
Blade Steel 3G Powder steel
Manufacturer Fällkniven
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