About Pizzini

PIZZINI - a sharp business

1889 founded from Josef Gallazzini the uncle of my Grandfather are we exist, today in the 4th Generation, already since over 100 years.

Josef Gallazzini - 1889 - 1925 Franz Pizzini - 1925 - 1982 Isolde Pizzini - 1982 - 1998 Thomas Pizzini - 1998 - 20xx


As veteran merchant we certainly sell only high-quality goods from well-known firms like: Zwilling, Wüsthof Dreizack, Dovo, Boker, Fox, Victorinox, Marttiini, Spyderco, Gerber, Cold Steel, Kershaw, Linder, Puma, Hubertus, .... etc.


alter Kassazettel
"For this old check from 1934 posed my Grandfather."


junior chef 05.jpg (15157 Byte)

"Like you can see on these photos from 1973 (left with my grandfather), I am grown up in this business ;-)"


"Photo from 1979 - My mother, grandfather, little sister and me in front of our 1889 founded store at the Bischofstraße 5."


"Our branch at the Landstraße 105 from 1997 - 2000"
Because the house was sold and the location became to unsafe we concluded this branch.


"Our store in the Passage City Center from 2000 - 2003"
Because the promised branches-mix of specializing-stores was not reached and they suggested us to go because they rebuild the center again we leaved the house.


"Back to the roots at the Bischofstraße 5"
Our renovated family-store where we are to be found certainly also the next 100 years.


"In 2009 we joined the store next to us, among others the sales area almost doubled thereby"


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